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Linux Hosting Plans

Linux Hosting Plans (4)

Linux is an open source system and is therefore more cost-effective to operate and maintain than Windows, meaning that Linux hosting will cost you less than Windows hosting. Linux also has a reputation for stability and speed which means that Linux web servers will crash less often than Windows web servers and Linux runs most processes faster than Windows.

Linux supports a wide range of software, applications, languages, and databases such as PHP, Perl, PostGre, MySQL and many others making it very scalable. On the downside, Linux is not fully compatible with some Microsoft technologies so if you are using Access, ASP, MS SQL, or VB development tools then Windows would be a better bet.

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Win Hosting Plans

Win Hosting Plans (4)

The main "advantage" or distinction of Windows servers is that they can run Microsoft software such as Microsoft Access, Unlimited DSN/ODBC, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL Database; Scripting - Active Server Pages (ASP), ASP.Net 1.1 / 2.0 / 3.5, AJAX Extension, Server Side Includes, Installed Components - ASPEmail, ASPJpeg, ASPSimpleUpload, Dynu.

Users can develop web site using the familiar interface of Microsoft tools such as, Visual Interdev, and Microsoft Access. With ASP users can develop a database-driven web site using Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL as the database. As a Windows Hosting customer, your account will use resources on several servers, ensuring better performance and reliability.

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Linux Dedicated Servers

Linux Dedicated Servers (4)

Our Dedicated Servers is more than just a server, it is a fully managed solution designed to take your business to the next level. Not only do we give you management valued at over $100 but we also include cPanel for free with every dedicated server. Your server will be provisioned, secured, and typically delivered within 24 hours of purchase.
Having a dedicated server will provide your sites with a higher level of security, speed, and uptime. You will have the capability to go far beyond the resource limitations found in a shared hosting environment.

Linux Dedicated Server Features:
- CentOS Linux with Full Root Access (32-bit with 64-bit available on request)
- cPanel with WHM Control Panel
- Apache Web Server, MySQL, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby (on Rails), FFMpeg Support
- Secured Server with IPTables Firewall

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Windows Dedicated Servers

Windows Dedicated Servers (3)

Our Hosting Cloud has a server deployment of Windows and Linux Web Servers, Database Servers, Email Servers and DNS servers to handle your hosting needs. As a Windows Hosting customer, your account will use resources on several servers, ensuring better performance and reliability.
5 Years in Business and a partnership with MICROSOFT gives us the depth and expertise to serve your business. All Windows Hosting plans can be upgraded "on-the-fly".

Windows Dedicated Server Features:
- Windows Server 2008 R2 w/ Remote Desktop (64-bit w/ 32-bit compatibility)
- Parallels Plesk Control Panel 10.x
- IIS Web Server, MSSQL, Mysql, FTP Server, DNS Server
- SmarterMail Professional Mail Server
- Secured Server with Windows Firewall & IPsec Policy

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Domains (32)

A One-Stop Domain Name Services Provider:
More-Host provides a great variety of most popular gTLDs and ccTLDs including: .COM .NET .ORG .INFO .BIZ .US .NAME .TV .CN with more to come, enabling you to easily register and manage all of your domains in one place while eliminating the need to deal with different Registries, Registrars and Resellers.

A Wide Array of Free Features:
FREE URL Forwarding (cloaked/uncloaked);
FREE E-mail Forwarding (;
FREE Domain Lock/Unlock Services;
FREE Domain Auto-Renewal Service;
FREE Domain Ownership Transfer;
FREE Whois Service;
FREE Bulk Domain Registrations/Renewals/Transfers/Whois Info Changes/DNS Modifications.

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