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Account FAQs

1. Is your 30-day money back guarantee 100% money back?

   Yes, full refund, except setup fees are not refundable.


2. Can I upgrade my hosting plan at anytime?

   Yes, you can upgrade hosting plan at anytime, or you can switch to our dedicated server.


3. Is there any ftp access or website viewing before the names servers get changed in the registars?

   Yes, you can use the server IP for FTP and viewing the site.


4. Is there any way to view the website/pages before the dns servers get changed in the registars?

   Yes, a temporary URL will be automatically generated. (Windows Hosting)


5. Do you support subdomains?

   Yes, you can have http://subdomain.yourdomain.com.


6. Should I upload my files to the wwwroot directory?

   The wwwroot is the root directory where you store your Web pages. Anything that you do not want people to access, has to be out side of that folder. For example, /data folder is for database.


7. Why I don't see my files in the control panel under FTP?

   You do not see any files, but only folders in the FTP explorer so that you can create FTP user to the selected directory.