RokFeatureTable Module

RokFeatureTable is a template integrated module that is designed to show tabular data in a stylistic, and easy to present manner. The module is downloadable with the other Omnicron extensions.


Core Features

  • Unlimited Rows
  • Extensive data control
  • Highlight Column Control


  • Assign custom classes
  • Custom CSS styles
  • Template specific layouts

Usage Examples

  • Price Comparisons
  • Feature Comparisons
  • Service Matrix

Module Configuration

Edit the module from Admin → Extensions → Module Manager → RokFeatureTable.

  • Module Class Suffix: Appends a class for individual styling - featuretable is used on this demo.
  • Highlight Column: Select which of the columns is highlighted by default.
  • Preset Templates: Load a predefined template layout.
  • Layout Settings: See below


Layout Settings

Select Layout Settings to activate the javascript popup. Here you can have up to 6 column, and an unlimited number of rows. For each row you can define class, subline, link and style.


Forum Tutorial: Setting Up RokFeatureTable Module